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Potential signs that your roof may need to be replaced

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As a homeowner, we try to be aware of roofing problems before they occur. Many times, a roof will be fully intact throughout their natural useful life, without experiencing a breakdown or failure. We get used to seeing the old and worn look. The problem with that thinking is, it could result in major roof failures down the road. There are warning signs on your roof that tell you it is time to do some maintenance on it. We offer inspection service to help you keep up with your roofs wear and tear issues.

Here are some of the most common roof issues we see with Customer’s roofs:

  • Shingle edges are curled, or shingle tabs are cupped. Cupping or Curling of asphalt roof shingles, particularly on organic or felt-based asphalt shingles, are a normal wear pattern that shows up with shingle age. Eventually, chunks of granules flake away from the mat leaving the asphalt coated mat exposed to the weather. This is a sign you need to consider your roof
  • Bald spots where granules are missing is a definite sign of aging on your roof
  • Cracked shingles. Defective asphalt shingle products of either organic or fiberglass-based shingles may experience several failures including cracking, tearing, granule loss, blistering, etc. So, splits or cracks can occur in both organic-mat based and fiberglass-mat based asphalt roof shingles.
  • Aging Roof- The roof just looks old and worn

Are your neighbors are getting new roofs. In neighborhoods where homes are built around the same time period, similar weather conditions and age can mean you need to consider replacing your roof.

Your roof is a longtime investment and protects your home. However, without proper attention and maintenance, your roof can become a financial nightmare. We recommend a Professional Roof Inspection about every three years, in addition to your own bi-annual self-inspection.

This ensures you are aware of problems before they become even bigger issues. Accurate Roofing is dedicated to helping you keep your roof in excellent condition. We have a 100% satisfaction rating on all our projects. We understand that it is better to do the job right the first time because it costs us less and builds immeasurable goodwill.


Understanding Storm Damage to Your Roof

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With all the storms Texas has been experiencing in the last 6 months, it’s important to understand and check for Storm Damage to your roof. All the conditions we have been witnessing contribute to roof damage and roof stress.

The most damaging conditions are:

  1. Strong Winds: Excessive high winds often, are a regular part of any major storm. High winds can cause shingles to rip and crack or fly off. This can leave your home susceptible to damaging leaks
  2. Debris: Debris that flies across your roof can get lodged in places you can’t see. The impact of flying and falling debris can go unnoticed upon first inspection. Depending on the object, there can be impact damage not visible from looking at the shingles
  3. Hail: Hailstorms are short lived, but the long-term damage can be both costly and extensive. Depending on the size of the hail, it can dent or crack shingles as well as rip pieces off. Hail can cause more damage than almost any other weather condition effecting roofs
  4. Standing Water: If you have a flat roof or a roof that has gutter problems, your roof is going to suffer. Standing water can creep under your shingles and cause damage to wood materials as well as shingles

If you have experienced extreme weather in your area, it would be smart to check your roof for damage. Accurate Roofing Systems LLC will come out to check for you and give you a detailed account of the damage. But here are a few tips to follow when doing a self-check of your roof.

  1. Check Inside: Start in the attic if you can access it
  2. Check Outside: You may be able to see a lot of your roof from standing on the ground. Walk all around your house and try to assess the damage by scanning for any fallen shingles or roofing materials
  3. Using A Ladder: Make sure you are comfortable with climbing on any kind of ladder. Get a bird’s eye view of your roofing conditions

After you look, it’s important to have a professional come and look if you have any question about the condition. Getting a professional to look at it will give you exact information on damage you may have missed or were not aware of with your inspection.

Accurate Roofing Systems LLC offers a Roofing Inspection that you can trust. We understand replacing a roof can be overwhelming and we hope to make it a great experience for you.