Metal Roofing Services in Texas

Metal Roofing

Cool Metal Roofing is currently one of the best roofing options available on the market!
When you compare metal roofs vs other roofing systems, metal roofs provide the best benefits at the most affordable cost. The benefits of metal roofs are many, including longevity, durability, low-maintenance, insurance discounts, and energy savings.
What type of insurance discounts?

Hail damage to roofs is a very large loss category for insurance companies. In recent years most insurance companies have been promoting Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofs.
A class 4 impact resistant roof has a better chance of withstanding hail, then lower quality roofs do. If more homeowners have impact-resistant roofs then the insurance company is less likely to have to pay for damages from hail. The list of impact resistant roofs includes many types of asphalt shingle, composition shingle, and metal shingle roofing systems. State Farm has a state-by-state list of impact resistant roofs that qualify for a discount. The discounts vary depending on the insurance company.

What type of energy savings?
According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, cool metal roofs have been shown to save up to 25% on monthly energy bills when compared to a dark gray asphalt shingle.
High-Quality Materials with Professional Installation

When your metal roof is made from high-quality materials and installed by highly skilled professionals, you will have a roof covering that protects you for years to come.
The good thing about Texas is most people upgrade to a metal roof after a hail storm, since your insurance company is already paying for the replacement of your existing roof. The key is finding a metal roof that fits your budget and is installed by a quality metal roofing contractor.


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Accurate Roofing Systems

Accurate Roofing Systems

Accurate Roofing Systems is the premier Level 1 Roofing & General Contractor in North Texas. 5 Stars since 2008.

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